The Werk Shop - Professional BMW Restoration, BMW Preservation and BMW Service by Mike Marijanovic and Don Dethlefsen's shop in Lake Bluff - just north of Chicago, Illinois.  Serving the BMW enthusiast.
The Werk Shop - BMW Restoration and Automotive Service in Lake Bluff, Illinois
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BMW Restoration Services
Mike Marijanovic and Don Dethlefsen present The Werk Shop - BMW Restoration and BMW Service Call The Werk Shop to bring your BMW dreams to life!

The Werk Shop has been restoring BMW's for over 20 years and is recognized as one of the top three BMW restoration shops in the world. Pre- or post-war BMW's, we have been involved in all models.

As you will see when you visit our Registry of Restorations, our customers come to us with a love for these cars. Every BMW has a story as to why the owner wanted to restore his or her car. Some want 100-point show cars for Concours events and collections. Others drove the car in their college days and want to re-live the experience. Still others bought their car new or used 20, 25 or even 30 years ago and want to re-make it so they can drive it for another long period of time. Most all customers want to keep these finished projects for the rest of their life.

Mike Marijanovic and Don Dethlefsen present The Werk Shop - BMW Restoration and BMW Service - Complete Restoration PlacqueWhen The Werk Shop performs a Complete Restoration, we take the car apart down to the last nut and bolt. No two pieces stay together. The "shell" is then sent to the paint shop while we work on all of the mechanical components. Each piece of the car is evaluated for serviceability. If in good shape - or in need of a slight repair - we remove it's existing finish, make the necessary repairs and re-finish each and every part to original factory specs. Where replacement of the part is necessary, we hunt our worldwide contacts for the correct replacement. We disassemble the engine and other major components and rebuild them to high quality specifications using original factory parts, then detail each part to better than new factory look. We add a contrasting look to our reassembly by using all new, cad plated nuts and bolts, and we even cad plate many of your existing metal parts. Our paint finishes are very high gloss as we use color and clear in a two-stage process. Our interiors can be factory stock or custom designed to your likes. The process takes nine to 12 months and when completed, your car will be a stand out having that "wow" look that makes a BMW car a BMW car.

Mike Marijanovic and Don Dethlefsen present The Werk Shop - BMW Restoration and BMW Service - Partial Restoration PlacqueWhen we perform a Partial Restoration, we take a Preservation approach to our task. We focus only on all the areas that need repair or replacement, keeping every part that is still serviceable. The project usually includes metal work to eliminate rusted areas, new paint and some interior work. We may rebuild the engine in house or save expense by using a factory re-man (crate) motor.

Whether we are doing a Complete Restoration or a Partial, we visit with our customer to understand his expectations. We create a "build sheet" from those conversations so that the end result is exactly what you are looking for. We request an up-front deposit and furnish detailed billing at incremental periods, along with a CD of digital photos documenting the progress of your car.

The current collector car market is just beginning to awaken as to the value of older restored BMW's, and we have seen record prices for the few exceptional cars that have traded hands this past year. The monies you invest in this project today will all come back to you in the future. Remember, we are only keepers of these cars. Some day you will pass on your fun/collector car and that new owner will keep it for the next enthusiast. What great fun this hobby is!
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